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I have a passion for reading and for Roger Clemens, pitcher for the Houston Astros! I know that the Lord is always with me and my Granny is my favorite person! Paul David is the best hubby and gift from God. I enjoy watching birds and squirrels and appreciating the great wonders that the Lord provides! My Twins hold the key to my heart! What more could a woman want?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The Houston Astro's played a 14 inning game tonight, they broke the long standing tied score and WON the game! A mighty fine game it was...even if it was, a tad bit long- a whopping 4 hours and 48 minutes, it was worth the wait!

The Astro's Player of the game was Dave Borkowski, he sure knows how to pitch, I think it runs in his family. What a memorable and wonderful debut he made tonight. The final score against the Dodgers was 4-3 YIPPIE!!!!

Speaking of baseball
The Twins had a game last night. Caleb hit the ball nearly out of the fence, barely missed going over it, by about 2 feet! Christian made 4 outs, he even ran them down and tagged them out. They are pretty competitive when it comes to baseball.

This year, youth baseball sucks! We have a Coach who has numerous problems. Him and his ex-wife, have three young sons and have been divorced for 4 years. Yet they like to argue and create havoc for one another. And it seems that the pattern they are creating...always falls on Game Day! This time she asked for his car keys, claiming that one of the boys had left something in there. He gave them to her and she left in the car and did not return. Needless to say he could not concentrate on the game or anything else. She informs me last night that it was in her name and he has not paid child support or car payments.

I want my boys on a REAL TEAM! We have waited one whole year for this and it turns out to nothing but an atrocity! The kids are standing around, waiting on the Coach while his life's problems play out continously. There is a single Mom whose son plays on our team (he is raised by Grandma) and she is love with the coach and likes to yell out at her son "Poor baby, come suck Momma's t*tt*e!" How utterly disguisting, I want to jack slap her, for not only humiliating her son, but talking like that in front of the other children. Another boy on the team called the Coach a "stupid ASS" what is up with all this????

I try to stay positive (I know it does not seem that way :() and I tell the boys ...we only have 5 more weeks of this! If they did NOT love baseball, I would yank them out! Too much drama. Too much white trash bullshit!

And just to make certain that they are getting plenty of BB, their sister took them to the High school varsity game and they were mighty impressed.

Sorry guys....I am in a funk! But tomorrow is another day!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's a beautiful morning

There are things in life that make you feel good. Here are few that I have had the privelege of experiencing this lovely weekend.

My husband surprised me with a few books, of his choosing. Just because he was thinking of me :O)

My son brought home a huge homemade card, with 21 enclosed letters. Each of his classmates wrote me a letter, that brought tears to my eyes. I will keep these as my treasures.

My daughter not only helped me clean the house, but we took turns blow drying each others hair. We also stayed up until 2:00 am yakking in bed.

My son took all his money to church. He wants to give it to the Children Ministry. I am thankful that he is a giver.

Our goat, Nelly is doing much better. We took her to the vet and everyone eewed and aahed over her. She had a severe eye infection and she seems to be a different more pleasant creature now that her needs are tended to.

God is good!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a glorious and memorable day!

The boys woke up especially early, to see if Mama Bunny remembered them. They were so excited to get their "sports theme" baskets. Last year Daddy Bunny was in charge and he bought them rod & reels and we taped candy and goodies onto it.

This year Dad is too busy working, but he brought them donuts to eat, before leaving for church. Tiffany arrived early and we left in time to make it to Sunday school.

Which was taught by my ex father-in-law. My ex Mother in Law, still introduces me as her Daughter in law, never mind that I have been divorced from her son for 17 years. Thankfully, she and I still are very close and remain like family. I am the Daughter she never had and she is the Grandma my children desire.
Though, I bore her only one grandchild, she thinks otherwise and thankfully so do my other three children.

The Twins sung a nice, cute song and their performance was good. I was a little concerned that one or the other would mess the other one up. They sang in perfect harmony with one another. Here is the song:


I read about how Paul and Silas were in Jail.
And no one there, Nobody there could go their bail.
But when they prayed they found that God was on their side
That Jail House door swung open wide

If you believe, you shall receive, There's not a trouble or care the
Good Lord can't relieve.
Oh he is just the same today, all you have to do is trust and pray
believe, you must believe.

When Daniel stood before the Hungry Lions den,
Nobody thought that there was any hope for him.
But all night long the Lions did not take a bite.
God took away their appetite

Chorus: (repeated)

When David stood before the Giant with his sling
Goliath laughed at such a puny little thing
But David knew his faith in God would stand the test
He flung the rock, God did the rest.

If you believe , you shall receive, there's not a trouble or care the good Lord can't relieve
Oh he is just the same today, all you have to do is trust and pray
believe, you must believe!

I have many fond memories of Easter past and this is another one that I will cherish!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What cha' gonna do?

You ever felt your heart stop? Then feel like your in a tunnel, or having an out of body experience.

We were all outside, my husband working on a new & improved pen for the critters. The Twins pull out their motorcycles and are riding about.

When all of sudden, I hear screaming, loud piercing screaming, out of the woods comes Christian and he shrieks "SNAKE! Caleb got bit by a SNAKE!" I screamed at Paul "Oh, My God" he ran towards the back of the property and I ran toward the house, grabbed the phone and called 9-1-1.
Then I ran to the back to check on my son and all the while his life began flashing through my mind. I thought I was having a heart attack!

My lil one over reacted. Caleb ran over a snake and then he wrecked his bike. I called 911 back and informed them that all was well.
An hour later, a police car pulled up and I told him the whole story.

I think the officer thought this was strange or who knows what he thought. He asked me "what is your phone number?" I told him. He replied "Yep that was the number reported".

Sometimes the lil ones can scare the beegeebees out of ya!

Happy Easter to all of you! :O)

Friday, April 14, 2006


My baby brother likes to amuse himself by paying people to do outrageous things. Last year he offered all the kids $100.00 to eat a June bug, the rules were that they had to chew it and could not up-chuck .

Needless to say my boys were game. Last week he offered one of them $20.00 to chew a Jalapeno pepper. David does this all the time, even to grown men. He calls it cheap laughs.

He told the Twins that he would pay them $10.00 per lap that they RAN , around the perimeter of 8 acres, I guess he failed to recall that my boys are athletic. Caleb ran 6 laps and Christian ran 4, however David gave them $100.00 each. Guess what they decided to spend that on?!

Hick-a-Billy & Hick-a-Bob decided to go to Lowe's with their Dad, to get wire and posts and on to the feed store, to purchase:
2 Turkeys, 1 Rooster and 4 Hens and perhaps a guinea pig! Too many Critters! But this is what they wanted! I do not have the first clue about any of these animals. I already feel like I am running a zoo with three men around ;0)

I am hoping that ya'll have some advice for me.

***Update 4/15/06*** Woke up this morning and all the critters are gone. One baby hen lay dead in a corner of the pen. There were feathers everywhere. I wonder what happened and if it the cat had any part in it. My boys are sad :(

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Took my lil twin, Christian to the Dentist yesterday to get his work done. I thought that having Caleb go first (a few weeks ago) would be strategic. He would relay to Christian how easy and painless it was.
Everything panned out as I hoped until yesterday!

The procedures took double the time than they should have because Christian would not stop saying:
"OUCH!" "What are you doing?" "I Can't breathe!" "I need to go to the restroom again" "I feel dizzy".

Needless to say I had a headache when we left the office. I am thankful that it is over and behind me/him.

I planted a few Sega Palms, a Bottlebrush, 10 more trees and some Gladiola bulbs this week. So, far everything is doing well. My husband thinks our lawn looks like a golf course. I love this time of year and the weather is great too.

Oh, remember the cat I told you about, the one my husband dragged in. Well, she is Pregnant! I have never had a pregnant animal. I have them all fixed. I wonder how long it will be before she delivers. She eats like there is no tomorrow.

My husband hangs his tool belt on a wall in his Workshop. The other day we noticed a bundle of pine needles in it. I poked my head inside to take a peek and out flew a small bird, almost right smack dab into my face, I screamed, she flew off. And inside lay 5 little eggs. They hatched yesterday and there are five lil baby birds. So sweet and cute they are :O)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Critter Chatter

Well things have been mighty heated up around here. I followed my gut instinct and my husbands well thought out advice...Therefore we will do as planned (for awhile now) and stay in town for Easter and hear our Twins sing at church.

Needless, to say the phone has been ringing relentlessly! My Mom even threatened to take her own life. Geez the drama of family. Soap Opera's don't have a damn thing compared to my family. They are over the top...But I love them. Sometimes ;)

There are a few that I love dearly, but their constant, never-changing, self destructive ways are a thorn in my side. They say one thing and do another. You know those kind...That never grow up! I ran out of empathy along time ago.

I am thankful for friends who give me reassurance and sound advice.
My late Grandmother always said "If you have one real friend you are blessed, if you have more than one you are truly blessed" Well, I am truly blessed.

Speaking of Grandma, I will deliver a few of her quotes:

"If you lay with the pigs, you will smell like the pigs"

"Pretty Feathers make a pretty Bird and its the same with clothes.

"Birds of a Feather, Flock together"

" Your only as good as the people you hang with"

and a couple of kinda bad ones were:

Worse than tits on a boar hog
Dammit to hell
You make my ass wanna dip snuff ( This was usually said around the card table while playing Canasta)
My Grandma had 10 children, my mother included. She was an awesome woman.

Happy Easter to all and to all a goodnight!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Popcorn, Poetry & Prose

Tonight is the 2nd Annual Popcorn, Poetry & Prose. It takes place at the elementary school.

My Twin's have decided to participate again. No doubt about it Caleb chose the Houston Astro's as his theme. Somehow the Astro's and poetry do not seem to go together....but he is making it happen. Too bad MHN (aka Dreamer's Reality) does not live close by, because Caleb surely needs some voice lessons. I dread his mumbled presentation tonight. Christian knows how to speak with expression.

Tomorrow night we have another baseball game. We got skunked last week. The score was 10-2 and you know who made those two points. Yep my two boys. Seems alot of the youngsters are afraid of the pitching machine and some swing as though they are playing golf. I love the little boys that stand like Bagwell.

Well, Nascar has their big race going on in Dallas this weekend. My sister and brother are there in his big ol' bus, sitting on the infield. I just don't get into racing. I like watching the last 5 minutes and thats about it. My ex use to race sprint cars out at the track and I got into then, because it was someone I knew personally. But it was loud, dirty and stinky.

Easter Sunday is coming up and I am in a pickle. My Twins are suppose to sing, just the two of them together, at Church. It has been in the process for over a month. The song is a really upbeat Easter theme.

Well, my baby brother wants all of us (there are four siblings) to load up in his motor home and go to Momma's for Easter. It has been over 6 years since we have all been together. My other brother lives in North Carolina and will make the trip along with his small children that we have not seen.
My ass will be in the fryin' pan if I don't go....but the Church program has been made! What's a woman to do?

Ya'll have a nice weekend! Tell me what your plans for Easter are!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

NO Bugs Please!

In hopes of gaining knowledge or wisdom, I am reaching out and writing this post.

It is April and once again, we are invaded by a swarm of June Bugs. I mean hundreds of them, congregating once again. I think they have a family reunion at my house annually. My neighbors may see a couple, but the majority in great masses, prefer my home.

It is the same way with Love bugs, you know the annoying lil black bugs that stick- it to each other...the same ones that stick it to your cars paint job. They cover my house and vehicles. People are amazed at the great volumes of Love Bugs and June Bugs that I accumulate. You would think that I send out invitations to these pesty lil cooters.

I wonder what is the purpose of June Bugs??

Well once again we sprayed Demon around the perimeter of the house and when I woke up this morning. lo and behold there was at LEAST 300 of those brown bad boys lying dead as a door-knob in my driveway.
I think (just maybe) we won the war and put an end to their family lineage. Crossing my fingers here. :O)

On a positive note I think I also have more butterflies, hummingbirds, squirrels and assorted woodpeckers than most as well. For this I thank the Lord. There is always birds singing in my yard. Even inside with the doors closed you can hear them 24/7. Lovely indeed.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Seems we are quite the busy bee's around here! We are usually right on top of our game with everything. We live and function in this household on a strict pattern of routine. When the bell tolls every morning at 6:45, we promptly arise, turn on our alarm clocks back into the ON position and begin making our beds, (my boys make their own) getting dressed, having breakfast and setting out for the day ahead.

Things have husband has started his 9 month tour of duty on the NIGHT shift! YIKES!! I do not know how this is going to pan out, but we will survive it. He is also doing commercial (Acreage) mowing, office cleaning and much more on the side, as well as working 54 hours a week for Wally world.

I told him today that we are going to have to let some things go. We just have to decide which things. We are the kind of people that wash our cars (ourselves) once a week, our yard is always tip-top shape and the house as clean as a whistle, if I have 2 loads of laundry it means I am running get my drift...we are perfectionists who are now behind in our game.

The Twins have jumped in and they do the push mowing around the perimeter of the house, they make their own beds, feed the animals, make their own breakfast and just about anything you ask them on top of doing their regular jobs SCHOOL. I am proud of them.

My daughter has moved back to town. She is currently either on a covered wagon or riding solo on a horse, in a trail ride with my brother and sister. I was tempted to join them last night. They are having alot of fun out there in Cowboy Heaven.

I have been volunteering at the boys school....I think I found my future daughter in law. If only my boys could or would wait it out another 15 years or so. This little girl is so Smart. I enjoy talking to her and learning new things. She is an avid reader of many topics. I keep dropping hints to the Twins.

I overheard the Twins at breakfast this morning. " Caleb you know Mom really likes Candice, but really we are not old enough for a gurlfriend but you can marry her" Caleb replied "Nuh- Uh!" then Christian said "You know when you get married you have to kiss her " Oh Yuck and You have to do it in front of all these people" "I ain't doin' it no-way Jose' " Me neither Nuh-Uh!

I just love boys! They are such a riot when they are little.