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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I know it has been awhile since my last post. Things have been rockin' and a rollin' here. I am sure you can relate.

I am not real big on Halloween, I don't decorate or get all excited about it. Things change when your not a kid anymore. I remember my Mom scouring the goodwill and salvation army finding costumes for her 4 children and herself. I don't have that drive or imagination when it comes to my own children. I just let them pick one off the shelf.

This year one is a skeleton and the other is a ninja. They wore their costumes to a Halloween Party given by my cousin's on Saturday.
It was a cool party. They had their own version of "Fear Factor". I could not believe that the same boys that will not eat their vegetables here at home would be more than willing to eat a minnow to proceed to the next round.

They also had a scary trail. They led us through the woods with many horrors along the way. Needless to say they went all out for this party. The children were delighted.

My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the kids in their costumes and knowing that they are so excited.

Tonight we will go to a fall festival where our boy scout troop has a booth. What are your plans this spooky night? ;O)

Monday, October 23, 2006

You Break-You Buy!

Oh remember my last post when my hunny went fishing. Well the clock kept rolling by and I worked myself into a panic. I had not heard a word in many hours and he was not answering his cell phone. So, I called the Forest Ranger & The Police. Needless to say I was frantic and full of tears. I imagined terrible things and visioned my life without him.

When he finally walked in the door with a big grin on his face (Yep he was catchin' a bunch of fish!) it quickly faded because once I knew he was fine and dandy, I was hotter than a two-dollar pistol!

Oh Baby my phone broke so I could not call you. hmmph!

So the next day he takes my cell phone to run errands and to purchase him a replacement cell phone and guess what? He Breaks MY PHONE!

So the very next day, I start a job and ask him to do a few things around the house. He broke my stove! And my computer! I am not joking one bit! I was livid!

If this keeps up the next thing to be my pocketbook!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Whoever is dancing the raindance can stop any moment now! We are currently under tornado watch and most parts of Conroe and Houston are flooded.

Guess where Mr.Vacation boy is?? My husband is out at the Lake fishing for his 5th day in a row! In this storm....he has no sense. He called a few minutes ago to check in and to relieve my non-stop worrying. He was giggling like a 3 year old because he has 3 big-uns on his line.

I am stuck inside, because everyone knows that I do NOT drive in the rain. The news is advising people to stay off the roads. Two people have died this morning and many are trapped in their cars. So I am cooking up enough food to last the remainder of the week.

I had a nice weekend. The boys did a wonderful job and won their second soccer game. They look like pros out there on the field. It was Grandparents day so my MIL received a ribbon for participating.

My sister spent the weekend with us and we all enjoyed our visit.

The newscaster just announced that instead of listing the roads that are closed it would prove easier to just state "All roads are closed!" My husband may have to leave his truck behind and come home in his canoe!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The facts of life

A couple of eyeopening true life examples of elementary children -

A fellow student in 4th grade, was sent home for bringing a condom to school. Once caught, he informed the teacher that he stole it from his Dad. He also told her that he had planned on having sex with his girlfriend and did not want her to get pregnant. He had already kissed her the other day and was worried that she may already be pregnant.

A fast moving little girl asked one of my boys to "go out with her". In other words, be her boyfriend. To which my son replied "No, you already have a boyfriend". And she said "No I broke up with J---- because I caught him smoking crack". OK I almost had a stroke when my little boy told me this.

So, son do you know what crack is? "Yes Mom it looks like a rock" "and I also know what weed is, it looks like chopped up grass and dirt". Hmmm Well how do you know this? I WATCH COPS MOM!

The other day I made a new house rule. I pulled all the controllers from the playstations and put them in my closet. I informed the boys that there would be No Video Games played during the school week and only 2 hours on the weekends. They don't like it but they will probably stop wasting precious time zoning out. And spend more time reading. Time will tell. Perhaps I need to do this with the Telly as well.

Now if I could just figure out how to send them to an all boys school where the kids are still kids. What a dream thought!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I has been a while since my last post. Things have been stirred up around here. A wild trio of dogs running in a pack have been terrorizing the neighborhood. They have killed all my critters (except for my cat and dog). We buried our poor little pygmy goat named Nelly just a couple of days ago.

The kids have been kept in-doors after one of the dogs lunged at them and the neighbor boys. On Friday my husband lured one with food and we tied him up and had animal control pick him up. So, one down and two to go!

We had our very first soccer game today and though I was not expecting to be, I found it very enjoyable. Soccer is a lot more strenous than baseball or any other sport. It is constant non-stop running.

While on the subject of sports. I think that I will take up football. A local business man who began his career as "Mattress Mac" has lured me in. He is a fellow Houstonian who rose to the top selling furniture and electronics. He hopes the Houston Texans will beat the Dallas Cowboys but he does not think they have it in them. SOOOO if you spent $4,000 on furniture before October the 15th and The Houston Texans beat the Dallas Cowboys you will get your furniture for FREE!

So if any of my fellow blog buddies knows their football, tell me what'cha think about this one!? This is not the first time that he has offered a promotion such as this. He has plenty of money and gets plenty of business. He may be getting some from me before October the 15th.