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Sunday, June 24, 2007


I know it has been forever since my last post, I am a bad blogger! Yes sirrie!

Summer is here and my boys are still busy, so that makes me a taxi cab driver, maid, nurse and many more hats do I wear.
They just finished a week of Boy Scout Day Camp and believe me I think they are tougher than nails. I spent just a couple of hours out in those woods and almost got carried off by a mosquito bigger than Texas. Yep darn straight. If you can survive the heat the mosquito's will take you down!

Now it is time for me to start ironing all these name labels into all their clothes, as I am ((crying)) shipping them off to a two-week stay at Summer Camp. Yes I am certifiably nuts. This is not ok (for me). They are eagerly anticipating camp. I wonder if I will survive. Boo-Hoo!

My Mom and Pops has relocated. Yes almost as close as my backyard. YIKES! They made a 200 mile move from a town near Dallas to CornRow TX. They live about 8 miles from me and are in the process of building a new home. Meanwhile I am looking for a place in New Hampshire or somewhere....j/k.
Hopefully this will be a good thing for the kiddos.

My husband took his vacation this past week to work on replacing our gutters. Instead we had to replace some of the wood and facial board behind the gutters. That took a full week and some buckaroo$. Everyone says that seamless gutters is the only way to are going to pay someone to install them. We are on a waiting list. It has rained here for longer than 2 weeks now. I long for a few rainless days.

Well gotta go grill some burgers before another shower hits. ;)