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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer time=AllStar time

My life is consumed with Baseball. I know you thinking "well as much as you love it, why are you complaining?" Well in case you failed to notice IT IS HOT! It is so hot here that the squirrells are using pot holders to gather their nuts! Well, almost that hot.

Also this year is a little sad for my little Twin Christian, because he was not picked for ALLSTARS. So this is the first time in History that only ONE of boys is playing and the other is on the sidelines watching a sport he loves to participate in. This part of political baseball is aggravating!

So every weekend we travel here and there and spend 9-11 hours on Saturday and Sunday playing in tournaments. Like I said it is HOT! And then during the week we have 3 hour practices four times a week.....I am kind of hoping we lose (don't tell Caleb) so that it will be over!
Plus factor in the fuel costs, last weekend it was 77 dollars in gas.

It made me start looking at Toyota Prius Hybrid. So I emailed the Toyota salesman I know and he informed me that there is a 16 week waiting period....well , forget that!

While Christian is sitting in the bleachers he thinks it is his duty to play coach to the batters on our team. "Hey Alex is that the bat your Dad paid $500 dollars for?" "YEAH" "Well then why don't you put to good use and hit a ball this time?"?

Yeah he is funny and a tad bit outspoken!


Blogger evercurious said...

Duh...Get on the waiting list! I have never been so proud than to hear you say you want a Prius. ME TOO! ME TOO! You got tagged so step up to the plate and do the meme on my blog! Call me too!

7:57 AM  
Blogger Diane Mandy said...

I don't get to see much baseball here in Germany, but when I do I always think of you.

12:51 PM  

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