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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hiatus over

Oh me Oh my! Let me tell you the flu is bad to the bone! Every thing hurt for the longest time. I guess as you get older it takes longer to recover. I still have to blow my nose all the day long, thankfully it is the only hangover I have.

Somehow during this time I managed to drop off and pick up my boys for Piano lessons, Cub Scouts, basketball practice and school. I was a terrible sight to behold, still am for that matter.

Now my lil one is sniffling and coughing poor baby. Fortunately the boys had a flu shot. Mama did not.

Today is Love Day, so Happy Valentine's Day to all. I have tried numerous times to comment on your blogs....but was unable to do so.
So just a bit ago I signed up for the google blogger thinga majiggy.
Hopefully now I am able to communicate with ya.

Thank Ya'll for checkin' in on me :O)