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Thursday, April 03, 2008


I try not to get to personal on my blog, especially about family. First I am a very private person and second most of you would think I was making it all up. You see Soap Opera's don't have anything on my family....seriously. I know there are alot of messed up families out there but here lately all the family drama has been causing me bad migrane headaches.

I thank the Lord for my family and I love all of them (some more than others) but being the middle-man, go-between and peacemaker gets tiring.

Right now I thank God for my church family and the friends I have that seem like family, because I am disapointed with my "real" family.

On to better news the Astro's had their first win of the season against the Padre's, winning 9-6 I believe. Also, last week my son Caleb pitched the ENTIRE game and they won 22-1. WOO-HOO!!

Have a great week!


Blogger Jim said...

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1:19 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Go ahead, Tam, tell us about your family. We will try to decide if you're being truthful or not!
Guess I should try something like that, mostly I don't dare tell things about my family, my censure people say this is a no-no unless the family member gives permission.

Yes, those Astro's can win. And soon they will be here.

All our grandkids are too old to play ball except BP and she does Tycondo (which we do watch) and not ball games. I miss that little league and softball stuff.

1:20 PM  
Blogger evercurious said...

ok I updated bloog and thanks for the comment.

9:18 PM  
Blogger evercurious said...

go read my blogs lazy! Leave me some comments while you're at it.

8:18 PM  

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