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I have a passion for reading and for Roger Clemens, pitcher for the Houston Astros! I know that the Lord is always with me and my Granny is my favorite person! Paul David is the best hubby and gift from God. I enjoy watching birds and squirrels and appreciating the great wonders that the Lord provides! My Twins hold the key to my heart! What more could a woman want?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Busy Boys

My little guys are very excited about their boy scout troop. They keep thanking me for taking them and being so involved. I really like this den that they are part of.

Years ago I was a brownie troop leader for my daughters troop. She was a girl scout for many, many years. Unbelievably in all my years I have yet to go "Camping". It has never appealed to me. I don't like bugs, ticks, mosquitos, lizards, bees, snakes or rodents and roughing it is too rough for my delicate skin ;). I also like a nice soft bed with fine sheets.
But now after all these years, I am wondering if I might like it.

The troop has a 3 day camp scheduled in October and I am seriously considering it. The boys do all the cooking on an open fire (the adults build it). The boys also pitch all the tents. They have showers and restrooms so it is a functionable camp. If the hubby can get off from work we will probably go on this adventure. He loves camping and can teach me the ropes.

The boys are practicing everyday for their 2nd annual Piano recital. And next week we begin our very 1st soccer season. I don't really understand soccer, but they really want to try it. They keep telling me that they want to try every sport there is.
So they want to play golf and tennis as well.

Thankfully, they insist that Spring time is reserved for Baseball ONLY!

Speaking of baseball...did ya'll see the Astro's vs Pirates game today? We swept them! Beat their Ca-Hooties! Yippie Ya Yo!! 3 more games to go!

Sorry guys but I am so lovin' it! Life without baseball is boring.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Holy Toledo!!

Did any of you catch the game last night? The Astro's whupped up on the Saint Louis Cardinals. We beat them in a 4 game sweep! The FIRST time EVER to sweep the Cardinals!
I love my boys! And to top it off Roger Clemens was the starting pitcher. Life is Good!

Everyone has a favorite sports player....who is yours? As you already know and my bedside table proudly displays, mine is ROCKET ROGER!

Friday, September 22, 2006

A Creature is Stirring!!

Awhile back my husband built a barn. After that we accumulated some critters. So, the barn proved a great place to store grain and feed. Right?

WRONG! A few weeks ago my husband asked me to come out back, so that he could show me something. I went with him to the barn, where he points his finger to the seat on a fat-boy mini-bike. So? Look Closer he instructed. Eeewie what is that?

I think it urine and feces from a RAT! Yikes! I have been bothered ever since. We have set out POUNDS of poison, bars and bars and boxes upon boxes of poison pellets! We do it EVERY day and SOMETHING is still eating this stuff like it is candy!

Today we set traps. I am wondering if it racoons or possums or an entire family of rats! It gives me the weebie-jeebies Yuck!

I have lived here a long time....21 years and I have never seen a rat or a mouse or any rodents! I know they are out there in the woods, but jiminy-cricket this is not that farfrommyhouse!!!

My cat is on welfare and unable to work. Just lays around meowing for a free hand-out! Too busy sleeping and eating to chase a dad-gum rat away. Hmmph! I am removing all snacks and tid=bits from her menu.

I think it is funny(NOT!) that the bars we bought from the feed store are called "Just One Bite". They should change that to "Just one MORE bite!" Because whatever is out there, returns nightly for another stomach full of the scrumptious poison bar.

To be continued....... :(

Monday, September 18, 2006

Beware of Girls!

My little Twin baby boy's have entered the danger zone of 4th grade. Ya know where the girls have gone wild. Is my memory going bad? Or did girls always grow up too fast?

School has not been in session for a month yet...but...two girls are chasing after one of my boys. She is even bold enough to call the house. I have told the boys numerous times that they CAN NOT have a girlfriend until they are at least 15 yrs old.

Seems like Christian is ok with this and has even told the girls "My mom says that Caleb is not old enough for a girlfriend yet!" to which this identical Twin girl replies "Tell your Mom, that Caleb can do what he wants, because it is his life that he is living"! WHAT??

So, I calmly sit down and proceed to email the teacher. She has 4 boys herself so she should be able to advise me in this situation. She emails me back and informs me that kids seem to find "love" in the 4th grade, but don't be alarmed because these crushes fade just as quickly as they begin. It will be over before you know it!

Hmm did not realize this was normal. My brother told Caleb "If you still like this girl (identical twin) when you get to Junior High, go up to her sister and kiss her in front of her...and when she gets mad, just say "Oh, I thought it was you". The boys still think that is funny and gross too. They are not getting married because....You have to kiss her in front of everybody! Ewww!

So maybe I am worrying about nothing.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Simple Life

I often wonder what the secret is to raising children. I always look to those who proved successful. Today there seem to be fewer role models and the children of today are more protected than any other generation.

When I was younger parents would let their children walk to school, or walk to the store and even a mile or so to visit their friends. We also did not buckle up in seat belts and even rode in the back of pick-up trucks...especially on Halloween night. It was the only way we could all fit. I also look back with fondess on drive-in theatres, where we rode to and from in the back of a truck.

My mother is one of ten children. Most of her siblings are wealthy. Some may think that would be an advantage, but it really was not. Most of those children have yet to grow up and still rely on Mom and Dad's money to pull them through.

However one of my Aunts who lives in a modest home. Raised 5 successful children with very little money. She had a garden and she never worked a day in her life outside of her home. Her sons had to work around the house and later had to get jobs to help purchase a car and then put themselves through college. I think they were too busy to get in trouble with the Law or involved in drugs. They were raised in church and taught the golden rules.

Recently we had our family reunion. 80% of the women (and a few men) have had plastic surgery....ya know face-lifts, liposuction, butt-lifts, nose jobs, tummy tucks, botox, collagen and a whole lot of boob jobs. And though some of them do look younger than they really are, none of them look as good (less wrinkles) as the simple Aunt that I mentioned. She has never had a vain surgery nor would she.
As we sat around discussing all the surgeries that have taken place since our last get together, I commented on the oldest most simple Aunt. And my Pop said "She looks so good because she has led such a simple life, the good life".

What are the things your parents did that you carried forth with your own children? I can honestly say not many, if any.

When people ask me "Where did you go to school?" I reply "How much time do you have?" I went to many, many schools. Because we moved alot. So, I decided that I wanted my children to have roots. Don't know if that is a good thing, it was just something I did not have. Guess that is why I still live in this house after 21 years.

But I see children raised by Preachers and good parents, who turn to drugs and law breaking acts. I think alot of kids problems are parents that are too busy. I know that all parents love their children, but sometimes their priorities get mixed up. I also believe that children are given too many material things and not enough time.

I wish parenting came with a fool-proof reference manual. And I wish I had all the answers....Don't we all?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Celebrating the big 8-0!

Today is my Granny's 80th Birthday! My sweet lil dear Granny. She stands all of 4'11 and looks like a little angel. I went over to visit her and took her out to lunch. As usual she grabbed her jacket...yes I know it is in the 90's but if the breeze moves she gets goose bumps.

She is truly a one-of-a kind person. I have never seen her sip alchohol, smoke, say a cuss word or even tell a lie. She refuses to even tell a little white-lie. For example the phone rings, do not ask her to tell that person that you are not there. No way will she lie for you.

She has never drove a car in her entire life. She lived in the Heights near downtown Houston and took the bus to business college, then later took the bus to her job as Secretary to the Chief of Police in Houston. She later worked with then Mayor Kathy Whitmire. After 25 years of service she retired. She still writes all her household notes in shorthand and reads 2-3 books a week.

She woke up this morning and walked a few miles. This little lady is something else. I thank the Lord above for blessing my life with her. She is my favorite person in the whole wide world.

I always ask the Lord when I pray "Just let her live at least 5 more years"! Today at lunch she told me "You know I never thought I would live to see 80, but now I look forward to 90!" You go Granny :O)

The only sad thing about her birthday is that she married the day after tomorrow would be her 63rd anniversary. My Grandpa died almost two years ago. I miss him. And I am glad that he went before her, because if it would have been her first, he would have grieved himself to death. I worried that she would , but she is very strong.

She has 5 Grandchildren, I am the first born. I am also the only one with brown eyes. My family is German, fair haired and blue-eyed. All of my siblings have blondish hair with blue eyes. From the time my Mother announced her pregancy, my Granny prayed feverently for a brown haired, brown-eyed Grandaughter and that is just what she got. I felt cheated, everyone loves blue eyes....Well, everyone except my Granny!