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Monday, September 18, 2006

Beware of Girls!

My little Twin baby boy's have entered the danger zone of 4th grade. Ya know where the girls have gone wild. Is my memory going bad? Or did girls always grow up too fast?

School has not been in session for a month yet...but...two girls are chasing after one of my boys. She is even bold enough to call the house. I have told the boys numerous times that they CAN NOT have a girlfriend until they are at least 15 yrs old.

Seems like Christian is ok with this and has even told the girls "My mom says that Caleb is not old enough for a girlfriend yet!" to which this identical Twin girl replies "Tell your Mom, that Caleb can do what he wants, because it is his life that he is living"! WHAT??

So, I calmly sit down and proceed to email the teacher. She has 4 boys herself so she should be able to advise me in this situation. She emails me back and informs me that kids seem to find "love" in the 4th grade, but don't be alarmed because these crushes fade just as quickly as they begin. It will be over before you know it!

Hmm did not realize this was normal. My brother told Caleb "If you still like this girl (identical twin) when you get to Junior High, go up to her sister and kiss her in front of her...and when she gets mad, just say "Oh, I thought it was you". The boys still think that is funny and gross too. They are not getting married because....You have to kiss her in front of everybody! Ewww!

So maybe I am worrying about nothing.


Blogger Britmum said...

Oh my!!!! I wrote a similar post about Sam a few months ago. He had a crush on a girl in his class. She was a new girl and he said he had these funny feelings. We discussed and he (with guidance) came to the conclusion that he was two young to have a girlfriend. He was in fourth grade at the time. I told him that he could invite her over to be a friend but he said it would be too embarrassing. How sweet!! There has been no mention of her this year. Boys are so funny and yes some of the girls at Sams school are way to forward.

You sound like you have a handle on it. Funny that we are a year ahead of you. LOL Do your boys email. Sam would love to have some pals to chat to. He likes to email family in England and my Godmother in Florida.

Take care xx

10:18 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Very interesting. LOL (I think we are supposed to think this is funny.) If not, O magosh!

You reminded me of when I was in the first grade. This classmate, the only other one in my grade, suggested we go down in the storm cellar.

Little boys are [what's the word for it?] so I went. It turned out to be a you show me yours and I'll show you mine deal.

My lesson was slow to sink in, not for a while later did I figure it all out. More in my 'All the girls ... ' blog if I ever get around to it.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

p.s. The classmate was a girl.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Babble said...

My daughter has weekly crushes. She will come up to me and giggle alittle and tell me she thinks such and such is cute.. next week its another boy thats cute. Nothing more then that so far thank goodness.

4:52 AM  
Blogger 1 plus twins said...

ha ha your brother cracked me up. that is too funny. but i am not keen on the girls response to your one son. what balls. my oldest is in 4th and he wont' say much at all about girls, just grins and walks away. lol

9:26 AM  
Blogger MHN for short said...

I don't know... It probably would be ok not to panic, but keep your eyes WIDE OPEN when it comes to girls these days. They do seem to be "maturing" at younger and younger ages. Frightening.

7:11 PM  
Blogger sassyassy said...

I remember when my stepchildren were that age...girls are so bold any more, but it is like a crush-a-day program.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Diane Mandy said...

There has never been a truer statement. Beware of the girls, indeed!

8:26 PM  
Blogger KaraMia said...

I remember having BIG crushes in fourth and fifth and six....well, you get it.

I however don't remember even calling a boy till late Jr High...even then my mom disapproved. I might be having a wee talk with that ones mother about her phone manners...

3:08 PM  
Blogger shpprgrl said...

There's always a rotten apple. Don't worry, the same girl that is driving you all crazy and saying that wild stuff is also driving some girl's family crazy across town with equally crazy girl stuff. Been there doing that! :)

Hang in there!

5:17 PM  

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